June 23, 2024
Ground floor plan
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th floor plan
Basment Parking
# Specification Details
1 Flooring Rooms with 2X2 vitrified tiles
2 windows Aluminium/UPVC Sliding Windows
3 Doors Flush Doors
4 Electrical Wiring Concealed wiring with ISI marked Wires and Switches.Fans and light fittings are to be arranged by flat buyers. One A/C point in one bed room only. Additional A/C points at extra cost.
5 Kitchen Kitchen Slab with Granite Top. Wood works to be arranged by the flat owners
6 External Electrification APDCL Meter cost ,,Load security, Transformer, DG for utility service and switchgear to be born at actuals
7 Govt Duties Flat registration charge, GST and other legal charges for registration of documents, Valuation report etc. shall be paid bt the Flat owners
8 DG Set DG set power shall be for Utility service only
# Installment Rate (%)
1 Down Payment(On Booking) 10
2 1st Installment(On signing of Agreement) 20
3 2nd Installment(On casting of 1st Slab) 10
4 3rd Installment(On casting of 3rd Slab) 10
5 4th Installment(On casting of 5th Slab) 10
6 5th Installment(On casting of 6th Slab) 10
7 6th Installment(On casting of 7th Slab) 10
8 7th Installment(On completion of Brick works) 10
9 8th Installment(POP finish) 5
10 9th Installment(Prior to hand Over) 5
NOC for construction Download